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        Some words about us

Through this service we try to make your searches easier and save your time and money.

b At your disposal is , an online service commands so you can save money and time.
c Through seriosity and proffesionalism our company Gurytrans earned itself during the time serious customers.We sign transport contracts , that depend about the cargo to transport , with any company from any domain.
       About us  

World without cars is not imaginable in our days .
Once with the invention of the wheel in 4000 B.C. started "the trip "of the human race to advance in the transportation domain .First writing about the transportation ways say that in 3500 B.C., between Tibru and Eufrat the Sumerian used plain surfaces with wheels attached for transporting different objects.From those times to nowadays the man found different solutions for transporting easier and faster different objects needed.




-You can find our headquarter on Nicolae Oncescu street,nr 9 A,sector 6, Bucharest.

-During time our company earned experience in transport cargo and furniture services , and today we have specialized drivers and employees on these domains..

Cargo transport anywhere in the country.
Cargo transport , furniture transport, urban transport,interurban transport.